Called in to inform us that he was extremely grateful; he exclaimed that the Ref. Physician, Dr. White, claimed the resulting report was phenomenally done, extremely detailed, and proved very useful. The patient was told the results described very important details regarding the patient’s issues. The patient wanted to express his “undying gratitude” to you, and he said “if Dr. Williams ever needed anything I would be obliged to be able to help him.” He was very happy.

Michael M

This company is awesome.

Sara B

Fantastic service today at NSI Merritt Island. You never want to get an MRI but if you need one, go to NSI.

Marth G

Staff is friendly and professional. Reasonable pricing and quick results.

Debra W

Amy & Todd were amazingly careful with our 86 year old mom who was in extreme pain. They were so gentle with her and so respectful! Mom would not have made it thru this MRI without them. They are both amazing, an asset to this office & a gift to their patients. Cannot thank them enough!

Diane H.

Thanks for a good experience.

Bob R.

Super Staff! Making the best of the worst.

Marc S.

Great staff, especially Timothy. Very kind. And gentle when someone may be nervous. I’ve had plenty of MRI’s before, but never was I given headphones to listen …to music instead of the machine. The CT I had a few weeks ago was an easy process as well. Literally in and out. Just that barium, but they cant help that. When I had my ultrasound, the technician was very sweet and gentle. She didnt make me feel uncomfortable at all, which some can, trust me. No wait time or very little wait time in the waiting room as well. Clean facility. And making an appointment was fast too. I was able to get in the next day with most of them!

Randi G.

I had been experiencing some pain in my knee and went to NSI to get an MRI done. I’d never had an MRI before and wasn’t sure what to expect, but when I arrived for my appointment I couldn’t have been more pleased with the warm and friendly staff. They even offered me headphones and warm blankets to make sure I was comfortable. Their imaging machine was new and state-of-the-art and it produced an image so clear that the radiologist was able to give an immediate diagnosis—torn meniscus. NSI has my highest recommendation!

Phil L., Orlando, FL

Setting my appointment was quick and easy and the staff made me feel comfortable during my procedure.

Christopher E., Lake Mary, FL