A doctor’s referral lets you choose which imaging center is best for you. When deciding on which of the Orlando imaging centers to visit, you want one that has your well-being in mind. MRI scanners might all be built to produce similar results, but the unknown variable is the human element. Choose the imaging center that cares. That distinction can only go to Neuroskeletal Imaging in Orlando, Melbourne, Merritt Island. Our center will do for you the best MRI Orlando can offer.


Things To Think About When Looking At Orlando Imaging Centers

It’s not just about getting scanned; it’s about a team that will treat you with kindness and fairness. There are ways to find out if an imaging center is trustworthy. Check whether or not they are accredited as only the accredited centers can offer helpful diagnostic imaging. Ask if they support your healthcare plan and do your research to determine how much they are willing to work with you to keep costs low. There’s a big difference in care that treats you like a human being and a center that is only trying to jack up the price of a single scan as much as they can. Rest assured, we fall among the former camp. Our hearts are with you. 


How Other Imaging Centers Operate

Be wary of low list prices when looking at scan charges. These don’t tell the whole story. However much they charge for a reading, clinics can negotiate fees with your insurance carrier regarding the interpretation of that reading. Many people have been left holding the bag when they found out their scan was running them far higher a price than they expected. We tell you this upfront because we don’t want you to go into your MRI with doubts. Your health is priority number one, not your pocketbook. The price we charge for our role in the process is not going to break the bank; it’s going to give an accurate and encouraging picture regarding your condition and the options available to you so you can continue to lead a healthy, happy life. 


Talking About Costs Is Important 

An open dialogue about costs can bring anyone down, but being hesitant to talk about costs is a tool for deception. We are frank when it comes to the money side of things to reassure you that you will be treated fairly. We opened our center to provide an MRI Orlando residents trust. It’s about compassion for the individual and the body they were born with. Everybody’s got health problems they will run into sooner or later, and the last thing we want to do is add to those problems by antagonizing the customer or creating an atmosphere of mistrust. Make no mistake – we are there for you. 


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Don’t search “MRI Orlando”; you’ve already found your best option here. Of all the Orlando imaging centers available to you, Neuroskeletal Imaging in Orlando, Melbourne, Merritt Island will treat you the best. From our office to you, we hope you have a Happy Valentines Day! Contact us today!

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