DTI with FiberTrax

NSI is proud to offer DTI with FiberTrax!

What is it? Diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) is a 3T MRI technique that enables the measurement of the restricted diffusion of water in tissue in order to produce neural tract images instead of using this data solely for the purpose of assigning contrast or colors to pixels in a cross sectional image. Diffusion tensor imaging data can be used to perform tractography within white matter. Fiber tracking algorithms are a useful tool for measuring deficits in white matter, such as in aging. Its estimation of fiber orientation and strength is increasingly accurate, and it has widespread potential implications in the fields of cognitive neuroscience and neurobiology.

What are the clinical applications? Some clinical applications of DTI are in the tract-specific localization of white matter lesions such as trauma, MS, age related pathology and in defining the severity of diffuse traumatic brain injury. In one study, DTI identified blast injuries to cerebral tissue in patients who had normal appearing brains on CT and standard MRI – the study validated the imaging method while also resolving important questions about the mechanisms of diffuse axonal injuries.

What does this mean to the patient? Easy! More diagnostic information, better detail, a mere 3.5 additional minutes of scan time, peace of mind….all at no additional charge!