Anyone who is a medical professional has likely had experience with MRIs. Here at NeuroSkeletal Imaging Institute, we explain why a 3 tesla MRI is important and why we are excited about them for the future. MRIs are very important in the medical field because they can identify key issues with patients within their bodies. Without MRIs, there would be no other way to examine the inside of a patient other than cutting them open. Luckily, the tesla MRI allows medical professionals to examine patients with an even stronger scanner. The reason this open MRI is so important is that it has a very strong magnetic field. Medical professionals understand that MRIs would not work without a magnet, to begin with. This specific magnet has a scanner that is thirty thousand times clearer than before. The scanner works by aligning hydrogen nuclei and its strength to produce top-notch images. Medical professionals are very excited that they can use MRIs with this kind of magnetic strength. You can rest assured that we provide reliable information on MRIs because we are the best in Orlando, Melbourne, and Merritt Island.


Benefits Of The 3 Tesla MRI 

You were probably wondering more about the benefits of this open MRI and why medical professionals have an advantage in using it for patients. One of the main reasons that medical professionals are so excited about this is because they can simply see the patient better. Having images that are much more detailed than previous technology is very exciting because they might be able to find diseases and other problems within patients that make it easier to cure them. Medical professionals might even be able to examine problems that they have never seen before or would never be able to see without this MRI. How an MRI actually works is coils are put close to the patient’s body, and a signal is transmitted between the two. There is a noise that occurs from the coils due to the vibration of the magnetic field. This results in the image on the computer that is much more reliable and clearer than ever. Essentially, having a strong magnetic field is literally a lifesaver.


Incomparable Results 

Medical professionals are excited about this open MRI for various reasons. Some of these reasons have to do with the unbelievable technology and how far science has advanced. However, they are even more excited about the results that they have seen from patients. Having reliable technology saves lives and allows medical professionals to pinpoint specific problems easier than ever.


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In the event that you or a loved one is facing medical complications and you think you might need an MRI, we would be happy to help. We are very confident in our new technology, and you can rest assured that we will be able to find the exact issue that you might be facing with this amazing technology. After we pinpoint any problems, we can help you from there.


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NeuroSkeletal Imaging Institute is made up of a team of professionals who have a lot of knowledge and experience when it comes to MRIs. We are more excited than ever to delve into the 3 tesla MRI experience so we can begin to help patients easier than we ever have before. Call or visit us today in Orlando, Melbourne, or Merritt Island for more information.

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