Breakthrough Findings in Pediatric Imaging

Breakthrough Findings in Pediatric Imaging

Pediatric imaging scans can be challenging in children. As any parent is aware, when children get to a doctor's office, they become scared. Some even start crying. On the other hand, the parents get frustrated and anxious and may want to rush their children home. Thus...

How to prepare for your first X-Ray Scan

How to prepare for your first X-Ray Scan

An X-ray scan in Orlando is a quick, painless procedure that produces images inside a body. It uses ionizing radiation and is one of the oldest and most common techniques in imaging. This technology is used to examine various parts of the body. The x-ray beams pass...

Imaging Centers Orlando

Imaging Centers Orlando

Have you been told to get an MRI scan by a doctor? Then it would be best if you visited our imaging centers Orlando residents swear by. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) utilizes heavy radio waves and magnetic fields to display comprehensive images of the body. An MRI...



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