Lung cancer and lung disease are the most common health problems in our society today. With an increase in awareness comes a greater need for diagnostic services to help find problems early. NeuroSkeletal Imaging Institute is in Orlando. Our imaging center offers a variety of services to find trouble spots before they become a problem. We also team up with national organizations to help raise money and awareness for these devastating diseases. 


Raising Awareness For Lung Disease

This year, we are proud to be able to sponsor the 2021 LUNG FORCE Run/Walk. This event, put on by the American Lung Association, is a yearly event to make a difference for those with lung cancer and other lung ailments. They raise money to help advance research that can save lives and help prevent health issues. LUNG FORCE Run/Walk also provides funds to support early detection, which is vital. 


This year’s walk is on May 8, the day before LUNG FORCE’S Turquoise Takeover. This annual week-long celebration runs from May 9 to May 15, and it helps raise awareness of America’s most deadly cancer: lung cancer. By encouraging Americans to wear purple and sharing stories from those impacted by this disease, the American Lung Association is striving to change public perception.


Low Dose CT Scan For Lung Cancer And Disease Protection

In addition to our partnership with the events above, we also have many diagnostic services. One of the best options that our imaging center offers is our Low Dose CT Scan. This a continuously rotating spiral CT that takes several 3D images of the lungs. These detailed x-rays can identify abnormalities in the lung while too small to be picked up on traditional x-rays. Early detection is crucial because it allows for more treatment options, increasing the chance of survival. 


One of the biggest problems with lung cancer symptoms is that sometimes they do not develop until the disease has progressed. Yearly screenings and imaging may be one of the best keys to fighting this ailment. 


How You Can Help

There are many ways to get involved in the fight against lung cancer and other ailments. You can participate in the LUNG FORCE walks or donate to charities that fund lifesaving research. You can push for your friends and family who have a history of lung problems, smoking, or obesity to talk to their doctor. Health problems are not always preventable, but early detection does make them treatable. 


Contact Us

Lung cancer and lung disease are an unfortunate reality of today. Chances are you or someone you know could develop lung cancer or lung disease. However, there is hope. Our imaging center provides services that can help detect problems before they become too big to treat. Our partnerships with the American Lung Association helps raise awareness and money for treatment and prevention research. To learn more, contact NeuroSkeletal Imaging Institute in Orlando to find out how you can help raise awareness or schedule your lung scan today. 

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