NSI maintains itself at the peak of technology at our multiple cutting-edge facilities. Scheduling and appointments for MRI Orlando take place between the hours of 7:00 AM and 9:00 PM. Some special scans require one of our radiologists to be present, but our well-trained staff will do their best to accommodate your specific scheduling needs.

NeuroSkeletal Imaging Institute Has The Best MRI Orlando Offers

Has your doctor ordered an MRI? Then, it’s best to visit a specialized MRI center Orlando locals swear by. An MRI uses a computer and a large magnet, radio waves to produce a detailed, cross-sectional image of the body. MRI scans are done to identify the cause of a health problem to enable a doctor to diagnose accurately and prescribe an effective treatment plan. At NeuroSkeletal Imaging Institute, our experienced radiologic technologists offer the best MRI Orlando locals trust and ensure that only quality images are produced. We build a good relationship with you to make you comfortable during the scan. After the scan, our qualified radiologic technologists review the images to ensure quality.


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The Best MRI Orlando Locals Trust

On arrival at our center, our radiologic technologists will have you change into the recommended gown. Since magnets are utilized, they shouldn’t be found in the scanner. So, if you are wearing any metal jewelry or any other metallic foreign bodies that could interfere with the machine, you will be asked to get rid of them. If you are anxious or a little nervous, we will give you medication before the process starts to make you more comfortable. Sometimes, we give you an injection of intravenous contrast dye to enhance the visibility. After that, we will explain the process and answer any questions you have. Once you get to the scanning room, we’ll lie you down on the table. As the best “MRI centers near me,” our technicians might also give you earplugs to shut out the scanner’s noise.

During An MRI Scan

Once you are in the scanner, our technician will talk with you via an intercom to make sure you are comfortable. We won’t start the scan until you are fully ready. While the scan is on, we employ you to stay still because movements can disrupt the images. If you begin to feel uncomfortable throughout the scan, you can speak to our MRI technician through the intercom and request the procedure to be paused or stopped. As one of the best MRI facilities Orlando locals trust, we have the best equipment to make the process smooth.

After An MRI Scan

When the scan is over, our radiologist will examine the images to check if more images are needed. If our radiologist is satisfied with the quality of the image obtained, we’ll ask you to go home. After that, we will prepare a detailed report that will be submitted to your doctor. Often, patients are required to make an appointment with the doctor so they can discuss the results. It is possible to have a headache or pain where the contrast dye was injected. The contrast dye can also lead to nausea. But if you notice any of these side effects, speak with our radiologist. As the best “imaging center near me,” we’ll offer the best advice.

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Are you looking for the best MRI Orlando locals swear by? Contact us today at NeuroSkeletal Imaging Institute! Our qualified radiologists ensure you are comfortable before, during, and after the scan. Our healthcare delivery exceeds the expectations of our patients. If you need an open MRI, call us now.

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